Nutritional myths

  • Cold water is bad for digestion. The water temperature has no interference in weight loss.
  • Fasting cinnamon tea helps lose weight . This belief is held because cinnamon is said to decrease appetite, however, there is no scientific basis to support such information. Still, while it’s true that they don’t lose weight, it’s a healthier option ahead of any other.
  • Water with lemon fasting/ hot water removes fat. There is no food that alone removes fat. The fat does not burn but by metabolic process oxidizes.
  • The fruit is free of consumption. Although it is a healthy food, it still provides calories (60 kcal per serving). Even if it is a natural sugar, the excess of these can result in weight gain.
  • Fat sweats. Sweat is a physiological response of the body to counteract body temperature when some physical activity is performed. And it’s made up of electrolytes that are responsible for maintaining a balance in the body.
  • If a product is light it can be eaten without restriction. The light product is one that has 25 fewer calories than the original product. Therefore it is not considered a food of free consumption, because if it is ingested in excess there will be the possibility of a weight gain.

Eating carbohydrates at night gets fat. It is not the carbohydrate that grows but the amount that is consumed from it. People tend to eat more calories than are needed or spent.